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You are using a browser that does support frames and/or iframes. Please consider updating your browser to a newer browser that supports the latest browser features.</font></p> </blockquote> <h2>Execamort - Loan Amortization Plus</h2> <blockquote> <span class="black10"><span class="blue">Exec-Amort&#153;</span> - Loan Amortization Plus is a dazzling product that has redefined the standard by which loan amortization products are judged. You can quickly print a clear, easy to read and accurate loan amortization schedule - great for client presentation! Calculate APR's that comply with U.S. Regulation Z, Appendix J. Print out an amortization schedule with irregular payment dates and irregular payment amounts.</span> <p><font color="#000000"><a href="/categories/information/info-history.asp" target="_blank">History of Execamort</a><br> <a href="/categories/information/info-press-release-attorneys.asp" target="_blank">Press Release - Attorneys</a><br> <a href="/categories/information/info-press-release-financial.asp" target="_blank">Press Release - Lenders</a></font></p> </blockquote> <h2>Features:</h2> <blockquote> <p><font color="#000000"><a href="/categories/features/features-apr.asp" target="_blank">APR and Calculation Accuracy<br> </a><a href="/categories/features/features-first-payment.asp" target="_blank">First Payment and Short/Long Period<br> </a><a href="/categories/features/features-financial-calculations.asp" target="_blank">Financial Calculation Reporting<br> </a><a href="/categories/features/features-flexible-payments.asp" target="_blank">Flexible Extra Payments<br> </a><a href="/categories/features/features-interest-calculations.asp" target="_blank">Interest Calculations<br> </a><a href="/categories/features/features-loan-features.asp" target="_blank">Loan Amortization Features<br> </a><a href="/categories/features/features-payment-calc-methods.asp" target="_blank">Payment Calculation Methods<br> </a><a href="/categories/features/features-payment-scheduling.asp" target="_blank">Payment Scheduling<br> </a><a href="/categories/features/features-extensive-reporting.asp" target="_blank">Reporting Options<br> </a><a href="/categories/features/features-watermark.asp" target="_blank">Report Watermarks<br> </a><a href="/screenshots" target="_blank">Screen Shots<br> </a><a href="/categories/features/features-solve-unknown.asp" target="_blank">Solve for an Unknown<br> </a><a href="/categories/features/features-user-configurable.asp" target="_blank">User Configurable Defaults<br> </a><a href="/categories/features/features-user-friendly.asp" target="_blank">User Friendly<br> </a><a href="/categories/features/features-network-ready.asp" target="_blank">LAN / WAN Network Ready Use<br> </a><a href="/categories/features/features-system-requirements.asp" target="_blank">System Requirements</a></font></p> </blockquote> <h2 align="left">How to Order:</h2> <blockquote> <h2 align="left"><a href="/OrderLanding.asp" target="main"><font color="#000000">Click Here to Learn How to Order</font></a></h2> </blockquote> <h2 align="left">Contact Information:</h2> <table> <tr> <td rowspan="4">Electrosonics, Inc.<br> 17150 15 Mile Road<br> Fraser, Michigan 48026-3442</td> <td class="black10" align="right">Toll Free Order Desk:</td> <td class="black10"> <p class="blue">800-858-8448 </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="black10" align="right">Tech Support &amp; Corporate Offices:&nbsp;</td> <td class="black10"> <p class="blue">586-415-5555 </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td class="black10" align="right">Hours of Operation:&nbsp;</td> <td class="black10"> <p class="blue">9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST, M-F</p> </td> </tr> </table> <p><a href="support/">Click here for Support information</a></p> <p>Execamort&#153; is a trademark of <a href="http://www.electrosonics.net">Electrosonics, Inc.<br> </a><a href="/OrderLanding.asp" target="main">Orders</a>, <a href="/support">Questions</a>, &amp; <a href="/contact">Comments</a>: 586-415-5555 or 800-858-8448<a href="/"></a><br>1986-2002, 2003 Electrosonics, Inc., Fraser, Michigan</p> <br> <br>Keywords commonly used to located products like Execamort...<br> <ul> <li>360 day interest calculation</li> <li>360 day year</li> <li>365 day interest calculation</li> <li>365 day year</li> <li>365/360</li> <li>365/360 day year</li> <li>365/364</li> <li>365/365</li> <li>366 day</li> <li>366 day year</li> <li>accelerated loan payments</li> <li>accurate interest</li> <li>accurate interest calculation</li> <li>accurate interest calculator</li> <li>acquisition</li> <li>actual 360</li> <li>actual 364</li> <li>actual 365</li> <li>actual 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the Actuarial Method</li> <li>solve for an unknown</li> <li>solve for an unknown ** 0.40</li> <li>solve for apr</li> <li>solve for the unknown</li> <li>solve for the unknown ** 0.40</li> <li>solve for unknown</li> <li>solve for unknown ** 0.40</li> <li>solveit</li> <li>solveit ** 0.40</li> <li>store a loan</li> <li>store loan</li> <li>structured settlement</li> <li>structuring a transaction</li> <li>total of payments</li> <li>trust deed</li> <li>truth in lending</li> <li>tv4.0</li> <li>tval</li> <li>tvalue</li> <li>T-Value</li> <li>u.s. rule</li> <li>u.s. rule method</li> <li>united states rule</li> <li>united states rule method</li> <li>unpaid balance</li> <li>us rule</li> <li>us rule method</li> <li>what can I afford</li> <li>what will my payments be</li> <li>windows loan amortization</li> <li>yield calculation</li> </ul> Execamort can process loans based on 360 day year,&nbsp;364 day year, 365 day year,&nbsp;365/360 day year&nbsp;and 365/366 day year.<br> You can use our product for acquisition&nbsp;calculations, adjustable rate&nbsp; notes and mortgages, to produce amertization schedule&nbsp;also known by amoritazition&nbsp;or amoritization schedules&nbsp;. Sometimes people look up this information using the words amort,&nbsp;amortization,&nbsp; amortization report,&nbsp;amortization reports,&nbsp;amortization schedule,&nbsp;amortization software,&nbsp; amortize,&nbsp;amortize improvements,&nbsp;in addition to amortized,&nbsp;and amortizer.<br> To create an amortization schedule you need to know the amount financed, the balloon payment,&nbsp; any extra payment&nbsp;or extra payments. &nbsp; Print out an amortization schedule for your mortgage, land contract, loan, lease, investment, or for tax return calculations. Specialized financial software to assist you in solving complex cash flows. With Execamort, you too can become an experts in solving for the unknown, time value of money calculations, tax penalty and interest calculation software, professional amortization calculations. No mortgage loan or lease is too complex for Execamort. Execamort is more than perfect for computing mortgage payments or loan payments. More features for Execamort: <ul> <li>Ability to change the Fiscal Year End for Schedule Totals </li> <li>Ability to customize the default values for all forms </li> <li>Ability to Print only a selected range of a Schedule </li> <li>Allows you to do comparisons of monthly vs. BI-weekly, weekly </li> <li>Amortization Schedules </li> <li>Comming Soon Handles Rule of 78 mortgages and loans </li> <li>Computes a payment for a series </li> <li>Computes Amortization Period </li> <li>Computes Interest Rate </li> <li>Computes Payment Amount </li> <li>Computes Principal Amount</li> <li>Computes Schedule Totals for a Range on Screen </li> <li>Computes the interest rate for a payment series </li> <li>Computes the number of payments for a series </li> <li>Creates Amortization Schedules </li> <li>Customize Schedules with Client Name </li> <li>Customize Schedules with Company Name </li> <li>Finds any Unknown for Future Value Calculations </li> <li>Finds any Unknown for Net Present Value Calculations </li> <li>Finds any Unknown for Present Value Calculations </li> <li>Finds the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) </li> <li>Handles Adjustable Rate Mortgage Amortizations </li> <li>Handles all popular payment and compounding frequencies </li> <li>Handles Dollar stepped mortgages and loans </li> <li>Handles Exact Day mortgages and loans </li> <li>Handles Extra payment mortgages and loans </li> <li>Handles Fixed Principal mortgages and loans </li> <li>Handles Fixed Rate Mortgages and Loans </li> <li>Handles Interest Only mortgages and loans </li> <li>Handles loans with completely Irregular Payments </li> <li>Handles loans with odd days </li> <li>Handles Percent stepped mortgages and loans </li> <li>Handles Skipped Payment mortgages and loans </li> <li>Prints Fiscal or Yearly Totals </li> <li>Prints Running Totals </li> <li>Prints the Details only or the Totals only or both </li> <li>Regular Amortization Software</li> </ul> <a href="/support/research/LaserproVersesExecamort.asp"> People ask what is the difference between actuarial and united states rule interest calculations, Please see our LaserPro analysis or our Frequently Asked Questions for this answer.</a> <a href="/support/faq.asp"> People ask what is the difference between actuarial and united states rule interest calculations, Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for this answer.</a> <a href="/support/faq.asp"> People ask what is the difference between actuarial and us rule interest calculations. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for this answer.</a> <a href="/support/faq.asp"> People ask What is the difference between the US rule and the actuarial method of accrued interest. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for this answer.</a> <a href="/help/index.asp"> People ask about the execamort user's manual. Please see our online user manual.</a> Competitive products: Loan Calculator Plus, solveit or Solveit!, Amortizeit and Amortizeit! from Pinegrove also known as Pine-Grove software, TValue 5, TValue loan amortization by TimeValue Software, winworx, Simply Interest Professional, lawfirmsoftware, Amortization Software, Loan Tracking Software.<br> Other companies that are no longer around: Amortizer Plus by Good Software. </body>