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Exec-Amort™ Loan Amortization Software for Windows

Electrosonics announces a new edition of Exec-Amort™ Loan Amortization Software for Attorneys

Fraser, Michigan, January 2005: Electrosonics, Inc., 17150 15 Mile Road, Fraser, MI 48026; https://www.execamort.com, has released a Windows version of Exec-Amort™ loan amortization and APR software for legal professional. The new Windows based program addresses the needs of the attorney for accuracy and flexibility in loan amortization reports.

Valuable for the creation of amortization reports in real estate, land contract transactions, legal judgments, bankruptcy, promissory note, merger, acquisition, sale, foreclosure, personal injury, community economic development. The creator of the software, David Barker, President of Electrosonics, says “By using special algorithms, the software is accurate to the penny in all calculations.” Barker goes on to say that “….this program thinks like a lender!”

Along with the standard features of a first-class amortization program are these unique options: Exec-Amort's methods for the rounding of numbers, calculating of interest for short, long or odd periods and whether the interest is collected as prepaid interest, with the first payment or over the life of the loan.

 Legendary in the DOS world for over 18 years, Exec-Amort is famous for its ease of use in dealing with simple or sophisticated loans. Current customers include thousands of notable attorneys as well as the U.S. Small Business Administration and many of the nations top lenders.

Known for its quick and complete amortization reports the new Windows based program provides a precise loan amortization schedule for many types of attorney assisted transactions. Exec-Amort also includes solve for an unknown, as well as Yield/IRR, Loan Payment Calculator, Loan price and Net Present Value reporting.
Exec-Amort for Windows runs on Microsoft Windows™ based PC systems. Exec-Amort  supports stand alone or Windows networked LAN/WAN(’s) that are capable of running Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000 or XP operating systems.

Exec-Amort is network aware with a built-in Multi-user License Manager supporting simultaneous usage. Report printing to any printer defined to the Windows based system whether the printer is directly attached to the PC or through a network.

Electrosonics welcomes inquiries on the software program which sells from $279.95 for the web downloadable version. Multiple user licenses are also available.

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