WAN Installation Instructions


Can I run the multi-user version of Exec-amort - Loan Amortizer Plus over a WAN?


Exec-amort can be configured for use in a WAN (Wide Area Network) environment where the programs and support files are installed on a local machine and the configuration file is stored on a server accessible over a WAN. This method will allow central site management of a multi-user license.

As the Exec-amort software is loaded and running from the local machine, the WAN use is limited to config file management. Since the Exec-amort program normally only accesses the config file on program startup and program termination the performance penalty of running the software over a WAN is minimal. The only problem with this scenario, is if the WAN link goes down while the program is running then when you exit the program will may get a error message regarding the config file. If the WAN link is unavailable when you start the program, you will not be able to run the software.

To use Exec-amort over a WAN link, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Install the Exec-amort software to your server as detailed in the following URL:


    Make sure the software is fully registered and operating correctly before proceeding.
  2. Install the latest Exec-amort Hotfix update to your server. The lastest Exec-amort hotfix is available only when you log in to the website. Click the log in button on the top right and log in. Once your logged in, click on the Downloads/Updates menu selection. Scroll to the bottom half of the downloads and updates web page to locate the downloadable products. Select the Hotfix download.
  3. Install Exec-amort to your workstations as a local copy (install to your local hard drive) 
  4. Delete the Exec-amort shortcut on the desktop 
  5. Delete the Exec-amort shortcut on Start-Program Files-Exec-amort menu selection 
  6. Create a new shortcut on the desktop to point the local copy of the Exec-amort software. The default location for Exec-amort Software is is "C:\Program Files\Execamort\Execamort.exe" 
  7. Edit the properties of the shortcut target as follows:

       "C:\Program Files\Execamort\Execamort.exe" /cfg="\\ServerName\ExecamortShare\execamort.cfg"


       "C:\Program Files\Execamort\Execamort.exe" /cfg="\\ServerName\ApplicationShare\Execamort\execamort.cfg"


       "C:\Program Files\Execamort\Execamort.exe" /cfg="X:\Execamort\execamort.cfg"

    Be sure to replace X:, ServerName, ExecamortShare, and/or ApplicationShare with the drive letter, names of your server and/or share name. 
  8. Copy the new short cut to the Start-Program Files-Exec-amort menu

    Warning: Shortcuts should be created and used on the same machine. If you are going to copy the shortcut to another machine, review Microsoft Knowledge Base article KB150215 for details on the use of the utility SHORTCUT.EXE to prevent Automatic Network Shortcut Resolution.

  9. Optional: You may want to change the default path to the Exec-amort data files to point to the common location where the Execamort data files are stored. You can located this setting in the Execamort Options screen located under the tools menu.
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