Real Estate Transactions:

Most real estate transaction amortization schedules are straightforward with a standard amortization length, standard payments, points, fees and prepaid interest. Using Exec-Amort™ Loan Amortization Plus for Windows™ one can quickly create and produce these types of amortization schedules in a matter of seconds.

Many real estate transactions have more complex requirements that require unique scheduling of loan payments and need a method of making a loan amortization schedule for the creative financing arrangements between buyer and seller. Exec-Amort™ Loan Amortization Plus for Windows™ computer software program can easily accommodate most any complex loan and print out a clear loan amortization schedule for most any real estate transaction.

The software is fully self contained, does not require you to use spreadsheets or memorize complex routines and you do not have to be a mathematician to use Exec-Amort™ Loan Amortization Plus for Windows™. Even the inexperienced user can quickly utilize the power of Exec-Amort™ with its easy to understand ergonomic user intuitive interface. We designed the usage of the Exec-Amort™ software around simplicity and comfort for the user.

Exec-Amort™ Loan Amortization Plus for Windows™ computes loan amortizations for practically any special or normal loan situation – and it is accurate to the penny. Effortlessly handles intricate loan amortization issues such as: Skipped or Missed Payment(s); Irregular Payment amounts; Points; Fees; Prepaid Interest; PMI Charges; Escrow Fees, Taxes and Insurance.