Trust Deeds:

Exec-Amort™ Loan Amortization Plus for Windows™ computer software program is the ideal program to use for structuring a standard or custom Trust Deed loan amortization schedule. Produce easy to follow amortization reports for presenting to the parties to the transaction. Buyers, sellers, financial institutions and trustees all benefit with the clear reporting provided by an Exec-Amort™ produced loan amortization schedule. As opposed to mortgage on property, a Trust Deed is are a three-party instrument which is recorded against the property and secures a separate document - a promissory note. The three parties are the borrower, lender and trustee. The deed to the property is held by the trustee (title or escrow company or lender affiliated company) until the note is satisfied. Trust Deeds are primarily used in the western United States and have typical mortgage-like terms, including a principal balance, an interest rate, periodic (monthly, quarterly or annual) payments and a due date. The Trust Deed would also contain terms like late fee, prepayment penalty.