Execamort - Loan Amortization Plus

Exec-Amort™ - Loan Amortization Plus is a dazzling product that has redefined the standard by which loan amortization products are judged. You can quickly print a clear, easy to read and accurate loan amortization schedule - great for client presentation! Calculate APR's that comply with U.S. Regulation Z, Appendix J. Print out an amortization schedule with irregular payment dates and irregular payment amounts.
APR and Calculation Accuracy
First Payment and Short/Long Period
Financial Calculation Reporting
Flexible Extra Payments
Interest Calculations
Loan Amortization Features
Payment Calculation Methods
Payment Scheduling
Reporting Options
Report Watermarks
Screen Shots
Solve for an Unknown
User Configurable Defaults
User Friendly
LAN / WAN Network Ready Use
System Requirements

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