Exacting Needs of the Financial Institution:

Exec-Amort™ provides the financial institution with what is needed for calculating interest on short or long periods, adjustable scheduling, mixing of payment calculation methods, balloons, equity draws, negative amortizations, the proper handling of dates for end of month loans as well as handling interest for 360, 365 and 365/360 day computations. Points; Fees; Prepaid Interest; PMI Charges; Escrow Fees, Taxes and Insurance, Negative Amortization and Compound Interest are also supported. Exec-Amort™ Loan Amortization for Professionals™ computes loan amortizations for practically any special or normal loan situation.

Along with the standard features of a first-class amortization program are these unique options: The Exec-Amort™ methods of calculating interest for short, long or odd periods and whether the interest is collected as prepaid interest, with the first payment or over the life of the loan. Additional distinctive features for financial institution include the interest rounding methods of up-down or off. Exec-Amort™ also provides consistent amortization results by having factory set default calculation options that can be adjusted then locked to the way the institution does business.